About Grannitto

Grannitto Power Products are loaded with cutting edge engineering that not only ensures great performance in all operations you expect from a generator but also makes them superb in user friendliness, economy, sound levels and reliability.

Get your Grannitto generator today and experience a higher level of ease and effortless usage that only the most superior technology in the power equipment industry can offer. Grannitto generators will make your work easier, more proficient and more resourceful.

Grannitto Generators are the best generators in Pakistan with high quality Standards,available in Pakistan since 2006. There are numerous models introduced by Grannitto Generators so far to bring the advancements in the generator manufacturing technology in Pakistan. There is a huge network of dealers and sellers of Grannitto power products all over Pakistan. Grannitto generators are offering power of 1KW-10KW in all types of power generators with amazing low noise features, which it first introduced in Pakistan. Grannitto generators also lead in the technology and mechanism that provide complete protection, satisfaction, convenience and capabilities to its users with 2 free services and one-year Engine Manufacturer’s warranty.

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Lowest Noise Level

Grannitto Generators provide the lowest noise levels amoung all the other generator brands available in Pakistan. Its muffler is smartly designed with some of the model’s techniques and materials, which helps it from creating louder noise which other generators do.

Better Performance for Long Durations

Grannitto generators are the most advanced generators with high end technology, which make it the most reliable generators for up to 20 hours of continuous back up without any problem.

Advanced Electronic Panel

You will have the most modern and easy to operate electronic panel with Grannitto Generator, which contains advance meters for voltages, LED indication lights, better key start system, power start button and more.

Complete Safety and Burn Protection

Safety is one of the biggest concerns regarding any generator available today. Grannitto provides complete safety assurance from burn and overheating which may be harmful for the surrounding stuff. It has a great fan cooling system and the usage of quality electric wire form battery to the panel.

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Warranty/ Terms and Conditions

• Warranty covers the repairing or replacement of mechanical parts only against manufacturing defects of the said equipment within one yearfrom the date of purchase providing that the equipment has been used in accordance with the manual/instruction book.
• Warranty will be invalidated if the said equipment is damaged that result from misuse, negligence, accident or installed, dismantled, repaired or serviced by any person other than the authorized service dealer or damage that result from over loading and any modification or conversation not approved by the manufacturer.
• Note: Bring Original Warranty Card with the equipment.
• Warranty Card will be valid within warranty period.
• Two free service will be provided within one year from the date of purchase.
• To obtain warranty benefits the complete equipment and warranty card must be presented to any authorized service dealer, site at customers risk and expense. No warranty card claimed or valid without presentation of the warranty card.
• Free service is offered only on authorized service dealer’s shop. All the transportation and handling charges will be borne by the customer.


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